Corporate Planning

Many of our clients are business owners running small to medium size companies.  Just like you need clarity of vision to help your business grow through a business plan, so should you have your own personal financial plan to help achieve what you want for you and your family – when will you have the choice / option to retire or hand over the reigns?

We understand that owning a business is stressful enough without all the additional distractions outside of the industry you work in.  As business owners we have the same challenges and experiences as our clients in terms of running a business. This enables us to advise our clients on how to manage their financial business affairs most appropriately.

With success comes many pressures and concerns.  We provide our clients with:

  • One less thing to worry about
  • Time saving to enjoy the fruits of their success or to become more successful and drive your business forward
  • Peace of mind that their hard earned success will be protected and built upon

Key areas we can help with are:

  • Personal Financial Planning for Directors and Key stakeholders
  • Automatic Enrolment
    • When and how do I set up a pension scheme for my employees?
      • Automatic Enrolment is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Business Protection
    • What would happen to my business if a key employee were to fall ill or die?
    • How would my business continue in the event of my long term illness or death and how would my family be protected?
  •  Commercial lending
    • How can we secure our premises and grow in the future?
      • Commercial lending is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is available by referral only.