Client Testimonials

P&C Lifetime Partners came highly recommended to me and I would highly recommend them to others.

The service and support I received has been outstanding. With little understanding of finances I was helped to understand my options in a structured way, with no waffle or jargon. That gave me the confidence to make the decisions I needed to and to date I have been highly impressed with the investment results.

B. Hook – Existing Client

In making one of the biggest financial decisions I would ever make, it was important I could trust the advice I would get was in my best interests. 

P&C Lifetime Partners spent time fully understanding me, as a risk -averse person and my situation. They worked at my pace to ensure I understood my options and felt comfortable with the decisions we made.

I valued the professional and honest way I was dealt with, the level of detail they went to and the fact that there was absolutely no “pressure” selling.   

I would recommend P&C Lifetime Partners as I feel they did a really good job for me in a difficult financial climate and I can trust all the people involved in the business.


I have valued P&C Lifetime Partners’ constantly sound financial advice for many years. 

This has been important to me because I have made financial commitment during both recession and boom times.  Their support and advice has helped me make the right decisions at the right times and has always helped me focus on the important details of financial planning.

P&C Lifetime Partners is always reliable and I have never felt under any pressure from the business.

T. Davies
Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Matt Thomas, Reading

Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Matt Thomas, Reading